Management and Scientific Consulting and Coaching


About Us

We help our clients solve their difficult biostatistics, toxicology, computational toxicology, and risk assessment problems.

Our scientific research services focus on developing tools, techniques, databases, and the knowledge to help you address your challenges.

Our forensic toxicology practice focuses on helping attorneys, courts, and juries to understand toxicology so that they can understand how the science impacts the case.

Our Lean and Agile Services, as well as our Training Program, focuses on helping your organization perform better.

Our services

Forensic Toxicology

You bring the case, we’ll bring the science. We understand toxicology, causal modeling, and biostatistics. We specialize in digging deep into studies, finding their strengths, and weaknesses, and doing the same for scientific arguments, using causal analysis. Find out more.


What sets us apart is that we use real world, messy, ugly data and scenarios. We’ve seen it all. We’ll show you how to diagnose problems, communicate with your clients/collaborators, and write-up your results. Find out more.

Biostats and CompTox Quality Audits

We recommend what we call Good CompTox Practices (GCTP), and Good Programming Practices (GPP) which includes external code review audits and code development audits to ensure quality control and assurance. Find out more.

Lean/Agile Coaching

We providing coaching to help you start, manage, and improve your processes.  If you want to move to Lean/Agile let us help you out. We will even help you stand up a new CompTox team. Find out more.

BayesTox-Design and BayesTox-Analysis

We specialize in Bayesian methods for statistical design and analysis. We also have developed Bayesian responsive study designs to drive down costs while maximizing data. Find out how Bayesian methods can help you reduce animal usage and lower costs. We also use “classical” statistical approaches. Find out more.

RaptorDock (TM)

RaptorDock (TM) is our proprietary 3-D protein-ligand docking technology. Screen your chemical structure through receptors across taxa quickly, before you spend money on animal testing.

Find out more.