Management and Scientific Consulting and Coaching



Bayesian analysis is the better way to analyze your data. Avoid p-values (recommended by the American Statistical Association) and use biological insights to drive your analysis. We can help you do your analyses better.


BayesTox-DesignTM is our approach for agile, efficient (cost-effective) and optimized study designs. Use fewer subjects while ensuring your design answers your questions.

CompTox Audits

Having an independent set of eyes always helps. We will audit your CompTox processes to ensure you are using best practices and can explain what you are doing to the regulatory bodies.


Want to optimize you? Having difficulties with staff, processes, or are you just getting stuck? We will coach you through your challenges, helping you to solve issues and optimize your practices.

Code Review

Our code reviews are focused on what you actually need to know -- does the algorithm work, does the code fit the requirements, can someone else read and understand it? Our code review practices seek to answer your questions while minimizing team friction.

Forensic Toxicology

Attorneys work with us to understand the science and how it applies to the particulars of their case. We specialize in analyzing the causal chain (or "kill chain") and applying computational and biostatistics models to better understand the particulars of your case.


Use RaptorDock to rapidly see if your chemical binds to problematic receptors before you commit to expensive animal tests. We have 3-D protein models for estrogen receptors across several tax (including fish, humans, mice, and rats). We are constantly expanding our receptors, and we can always make new 3-D models just for you (typically at no additional cost).


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