Intoxication, Inhalant Abuse, Controlled Substances, CBD, DUI/DWI

Health Effects and Litigation Support

The science surrounding intoxicating agents, inhalant abuse, narcotics, other controlled substances, cannabinoids (including CBD and THC) is constantly changing, and there is a lot of uncertainty about health effects.

We are experts in predicting health effects, and assessing the existing literature on health effects. We have developed tools to predict the potential toxicity of new and emerging street opioids that can be used offensively against warfighters and police, as well as cases of accidental exposure.

We are also experts on the health effects of drugs and chemicals of abuse, including inhalants (e.g., air duster products), various controlled substances, CBD and other cannabinoids, and alcohol.

We also have training and experience conducting Quality Assurance audits, including examining chain of custody and using statistical means to identify potential sample contamination. 

Our biostatistics and biochemical toxicology expertise helps us ensure analytical chemistry and breathalyzer results were properly performed and properly analyzed (e.g., limits of detection, limits of quantitation are appropriately set and used). 

We also provide consultation to first responder organizations on potential signs of chemical exposure.

If you or your clients need help with the pharmacological and toxicological effects of intoxicants, inhalants, controlled substances, CBD, cannabinoids, alcohol, or you need help with a DUI/DWI case, contact us.


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