Product Liability

Health Effects and Litigation Support

We approach product liability cases the same way we approach all of our cases — science first. We specialize in chemical-based and drug products — toxic tort cases. 

We use our causal analysis approaches to help our clients understand the certainty and uncertainty associated with causal claims in toxic tort cases.  

One of the most challenging aspects of any toxic tort case is for the plaintiff to prove their exposure caused the injury. In causal analysis terms we use the “But For” test — “but for exposure to agent X, this injury/disease would not have happened.” Our causal analysis tools will objectively assess the causal argument, and let you know if there is sufficient evidence to support a causal argument or not. 

We view all cases de novo and apply the science to the particulars of the case. We will apply the best science, identify the weak science and weak arguments, and tell you what our opinion is given the science as applied to the facts of your case.

We will enable our clients to apply the best science to their challenges  

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